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PP&Z Law Firm was established in 2000 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a team of experienced jurists; each of us is specialized in different fields of law. We are a well-integrated team, our lawyers having a broad experience across the legal spectrum.

In its work the team of specialists in PP&Z Law Firm makes its best in solving the problems of the clients. Our aim is to not leave non-solved cases. We strive to protect the interests of our clients. We pay the necessary attention and professionalism to every case.

Using our juridical skills, we aim to solve the problems of our clients as quickly as possible, without reflect the short term of solving the problem to the quality of our work. Confidentiality is our priority. Our teamwork and the use of knowledge and experience of outside specialists and lead names in different law fields give us the possibility to cover to the highest degree a big perimeter of the fields of law.For those who do not run a business, we offer legal services in the areas of: civil law including copyright law; administrative law; labour law; family law; insolvency and bankruptcy law; real estate law; criminal law; representation before courts and administrative bodies including representation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Mr. Ohanes Panikian, Partner, Attorney at law

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