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Consumer Protection in Cyprus

January 2015

The Republic of Cyprus has entered the European Union in 2004. As a full member state of the Union the Cypriot Parliament has adopted and consequently enforced several Laws into the Cypriot Legal System for the creation of a stronger and safer jurisdiction regarding the protection of consumers’ rights. The combination of the common law background with the EU legislation set Cyprus as a strong hub for the establishment and operation of international commercial practices. Cyprus is now part of the common European platform of consumer protection.

Consumer Protection in Hungary

January 2015

In the last decades the legislation of the European Union – and thus the legislation of Hungary – has paid extraordinary attention to building a jurisdiction which protects consumer rights. Within the legislation of the European Union there are mainly directives, which aim to describe certain goals, however, the exact method of achieving those are left open to the member states. Hungary has already implemented the majority of the European Union directives into its jurisdiction.

Consumer Protection in Romania

January 2015

In terms of European Union law, the newest and most comprehensive directive on consumer rights is Directive 2011/83 / EC, generically called "The Directive on Consumer Rights", that has entered into force on June 13th, 2014. This Directive aims to achieve a high level of consumer protection, by standardizing certain aspects contained in consumer contracts, mainly regarding the obligation imposed on pre-contractual information, the form of contracts, the comsumer’s right of withdrawal. The Directive on Consumer Rights has been implemented into Romanian legislation by Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on the consumer protection rights in their relations with enterprises („GEO 34/2014”).