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Whistleblowing – legal situation in Cyprus

February 2015

It is notable that there is no national legislation to protect such witness in Cyprus as the concept of ‘whistleblowing’ is relatively new and it only emerged to the surface recently but mostly in respect to public or semi-governmental organisations. In 2011 a new non-governmental organization was founded named ‘Transparency International-The Global Coalition Against Corruption Cyprus’, which since its foundation aims with its proposals and work to help the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus to realise and understand how important the institution of whistleblowing is.

Whistleblowing – legal situation in Hungary

February 2015

Although some countries apply specific rules for the so-called “whistleblowing” within the private companies for a long time, this topic only appeared in Hungary’s legal regulation in 2014. Since 2014, private companies have been entitled to apply specific internal regulations which entitle their employees for filing notices to the employer about other employees. The law describes the general requirements of the notice and the investigation procedure. The Hungarian regulation shall always be applied by the company or the affiliated company operating in Hungary in order to obey the laws and avoid any lawsuits or fines.

Whistleblowing – legal situation in Poland

February 2015

So far, the uniform regulation regarding the problem of "whistleblowing" has not been adopted in Poland. The current regulation of the "whistleblowing" issue in Poland is insufficient to provide full legal protection. The legislation does not systemically protect a whistleblower against disclosure of identity, and clearly does not protect against the loss of jobs or conditions of existing work. Also more advanced solutions provided in other countries, including United States, as the prohibition of using so-called “gagging clauses” or financial incentives to report irregularities, obviously do not exist.