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Immigration options available in Romania for non-EU citizens

July 2015

The visa application has to be submitted to the diplomatic missions or the consular offices of Romania from abroad. The request to be granted a visa must be accompanied by documents to justify the purpose and conditions of the travel and by proof of sufficient means of subsistence during the stay in Romania as well as for departure from the territory of Romania. Other types of long-term visas, depending on the purpose of which they are issued, may be: employment, study, family reunification, religious or humanitarian activities, scientific research activities, diplomatic and official visa, or other purposes.

Immigration options available in Hungary for non-EU citizens

July 2015

The conditions to enter Hungary depend on the length of stay, the main destination of the visit and the purposes of the visit. Short stay uniform visa authorizes its owner to a single, double or multiple entries to Hungary. In case of an uninterrupted stay, such visa enables its holder to reside in Hungary during 90 days maximum. Uniform visa applications have to be submitted to the competent Hungarian representations (embassies, consulates) in the country of origin. Seasonal employment visa entitles the holder to single or multiple entries in case of employment for a period between three months and six months. The visa is valid for maximum one year. The applicant has to possess a seasonal work permit issued by the competent Hungarian Employment Office.