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Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo is an Austrian law firm that offers international legal advice in all basic fields of law to its domestic and foreign clients. The firm was founded in 1956 by Dr. Helmut Petsch and is large enough to handle substantial transactions, but yet guarantees traditional and customised advice under the first-hand control of the Partners Dr. Christoph Petsch, Dr. Peter Klein and Dr. Claudio Arturo.

In 1993 the Milan office was opened. On site Italian and Austrian lawyers from the firm care for the best legal advice – supported and guided by the partners all the time.

We give advice on various legal matters, with our areas of expertise including the following:

Legal Advice to Corporate Clients

We offer legal advice to international corporations and to small and medium enterprises for all legal issues related to the activities of daily business.

Regularly we supervise new business enterprises already from the beginning of their formation. If necessary, we also provide our infrastructure for the purpose of temporarily domicile. Furthermore we have recourse to experienced and reliable personnel needed for new management positions. Moreover we offer customised solutions for accounting, taxes and other related matters. Our experience enables us to assist entrepreneurs and management in defining and complying corporate legal requirements. Equally we are able to respond to any personal legal requirement that may arise.

Our professional advice is mainly focused on commercial law, antitrust law, labour law, banking and sales law, which also includes all questions related to sales agents and the establishment as well as the management of franchise enterprises. Experience has also shown that public procurement is a significant aspect for many business concerns, consequently we offer our advice also for that practice area.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our long-term experience in the practice area of corporate and commercial law enables us to play an active role starting with the formation of a new company, the subsequent legal support and the growth of many successful Austrian and international enterprises.

We support our clients in selecting the appropriate type of corporate structure and take care for the immediate and meticulous settlement of all legal steps that are necessary then.

Of course we do take into consideration national and international tax laws and regulations as well as potentially applicable public sponsorship in respect of all legal dispositions we handle.

Concerning national and international Mergers & Acquisitions, we cover the entire range of hereto related legal support – starting with planning the entire transaction, continuing through the due-diligence-proceedings and finally bringing it to a successful conclusion.

Also in the area of Joint Venture transactions our clients benefit from our profound professional experience, certain that we enable them to achieve their desired goals, both domestically and abroad.

Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition

We offer advice for all legal issues related to intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, industrial design, copyright and all other matters of unfair competition. We are proud of our long-term and comprehensive expertise in litigation pertaining to patents and trademarks as well as product piracy. We represent our clients in all proceedings before commercial, criminal and arbitral courts and of course before the patent office as the responsible authority in Austria too.

Regularly we deal with questions of trademark law and assist our clients in obtaining trademark registrations. In doing so we are able to give advice on the choice of suitable marks and logos, on their registrability, availability and strategic impact and furthermore on the management and supervision of entire domestic and international trademark portfolios. We do have access to a worldwide network of highly competent colleagues who are experts in the laws of their own countries. For those clients who already have foreign legal representatives, we are happy to cooperate with the legal counsel designated by a client. Our activities include the monitoring of trademark rights and the filing of trademark registration renewals at the appropriate time in order to avoid abandonment of a registration as well as all other legal steps that are required to maintain existing registrations in force. As a special service at reasonable costs our clients can overview their entire trademark portfolio and its administration online.

Furthermore we are experienced in dealing with litigation related to protected geographical designations and indications of origin.

Legal Advice to Private Individuals

Offering legal support to private individuals concerning domestic and international real estate, rental agreements, contract law and insurance law as well as drawing up and executing a last will, we maintain our tradition of diligent and individual service. With reference to the international aspects, we are intimately familiar with the laws of Italy, San Marino and Spain and the legal climate in those countries.

We also assist in private national and international tax planning including the foundation of charitable organisations and offshore companies. Since we are working closely with highly reliable and competent colleagues who are all specialists in particular areas of law, we are able to deal with atypical law cases as well.

Litigation and Arbitration

In case of legal disputes where amicable settlement is impossible, we are – thanks to the long-term experience of our firm in litigation and arbitration – able to conduct efficient and prompt settlement before governmental courts and public authorities as well as national and international arbitral tribunals.

We are well aware of the different aspects and requirements of arbitration matters both from the position of the party representative and the arbitrator.

Our clients, whether enterprises or private individuals, can expect a clear and accurate analysis of their position that covers not only the legal and commercial facets of the case but also its financial implications.


Mediation is a strictly confidential proceeding that helps the opposing parties to settle their dispute autonomously and voluntarily with the professional assistance of an impartial and silent mediator.

Since Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in certain circumstances or situations it may be chosen alternatively to other channels of dispute settlement such as litigation or arbitration. Additionally conflicts that would not have been decided at all can be solved via mediation in order to make things run smoothly in a corporation or between affiliates.

The mediator leads the proceeding and helps to stimulate the dialogue between the disputants in the protected environment of the mediation procedure. However, the mediator himself does not take any decision, instead the disputants aim to reach an agreement on the disputed matter with the professional guidance of the mediator. The mediator monitors the proceeding, but the parties themselves take responsibility for its content and the final agreement.

Our contact person for mediation, related questions and its expenses is Dr. Claudio Arturo, attorney at law and certified mediator.


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